About Eurocert Inspection Services Pvt Ltd and Eurocert SA( Eurocert) 

Eurocert Inspection services pvt limited is a sister concern of Eurocert SA. Eurocert SA  is an accredited Certification body founded in 1998 as an Independent Third Party Inspection and Certification Body with a National, European & International range of activities and broad range of scientific disciplines. It is also involved in doing SA 8000 Certification, Social audits Including SEDEX/ SMETA and ETI.

Our New Logo
Eurocert  has recently adopted in May 2020 ,a new logo for the whole group companies and this logo will now be used in all our literature. However we also emphasize that any material /Audit report and certificate issued with the old logo is perfectly legitimate if it was done before the adoption of new logo.

 Our People

Eurocert value all the Efforts and inputs from every single person that we work with from industry initiatives, our clients, our management team, our Auditors and our administrative staff.

Our Auditors graduated from key universities of India, China, Bangladesh, Bulgaria and Italy from law school, MBA, Human resource and Apparel Industry specialist.

Our Management System

Ethical Monitoring System

Eurocert provides independent, impartial and objective assessment services to global clients. Our assessment findings will be duly recorded and reported to our clients. We operate a strict Code of Ethical Conduct of our staff which prohibits acceptance of any gifts, payment or benefits in any forms, direct or indirect.
Eurocert has responsibility to ensure the objectiveness of all findings and reports. No revision for findings or reports is allowed without objective evidence. And the original change track should be kept in written for further reference.
All level staff of Eurocert S A  is provided awareness training for this procedure together with anti‐bribery policy. And a statement is made signed by all staff to confirm his/her understanding and abide by this policy during the entry orientations.

Quality Control System Customer Services

It is top management commitment and responsibility to develop and improve the quality management system of the company.

The Quality Assurance and Control Program is part of this management system which sets forth the basic operational requirements for all operations within Eurocert S A. Through this quality control program, an accurate, correct and clear audit report can be ensured.

All audit reports are 100% reviewed and checked by qualified report reviewer and before submitting it in the Platform or delivering it to the respective clients.

Internal quality audit is conducted to verify the auditor’s practices and operations continue to comply with the requirements of the quality system, especially for the implementation of the quality control procedures as well as standards and requirements.
Audits will be arranged externally and internally to make sure all auditors are doing the audits strictly based on Code of Conduct, Labor Laws and local regulations procedures and policies etc.

Customer Services

Eurocert   is always your strategic partner and trusted service provider. All clients inquiries, emails and phones are always responded in a timely manner. A team of customer services is responsible for clients contact, schedule arrangement, report delivery, after sales services and complaints handling etc.

All complaints and integrity issues will be 100% investigated and responded timely.

Presence of Eurocert  across the World for Social Audits

  • India
  • Greece
  • China
  • Bangladesh
  • Bulgaria
  • Italy

Briefing about Social Audits: SEDEX Audits & SA 8000 certification

SEDEX (Supply Ethical Data Exchange)/ SMETA

It is a trusted and widely recognised ethical audit service. SEDEX (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange) is a online platform. SMETA audits seek out evidence of unethical behaviour in child labour, freedom of association, compensation and pay, excessive and unfair working hours, forced labour, health and safety regulations, and environmental regulations. Through SMETA audits, we allow your stakeholders, and communities, to trust your organisation as compliant.


SA 8000 is a international standard for social accountability. It is a standard based on management systems. Major focus of SA 8000 standard is on labour safety and welfare.
It is a standard that promotes the concept of living wage or Needs wage. Many more workplaces are involved in programs using SA 8000.