CE Mark Certification

CE certificate for Spray Guns

I am making Spray Guns what standards shall I Apply to get CE marking?

while there are very specific standards for Spray Guns, the most common and relevant standards are

  • EN 50580 Safety of hand-held electric motor operated tools – Particular requirements for spray guns


There are many specific standards for Spray Guns Be Sure to look for the latest standards

You can always ask us more about CE marking for Spray Guns at


Is there a specific requirement for Marking labelling and Instructons for use before I apply CE marking on my Spray Guns?
Yes , There is a specific requirment of labelling to be provided in Spray Guns. Be sure to only use approved type of material in your Spray Guns.

where shall I get my product Tested before I place CE marking on my Spray Guns ?
We at Eurocert are working and training our ISO 17025 accredited labs on CE marking requirements on a On Going basis. Our approved labs are doing High Quality Testing and issueing Reports within a short Turn around Time which is less than a couple of week time .

What do In include in My Technical File ? Who can help me build a Technical File?
Eurocert – has a strong base of technically qualified Specialist- who work with you to guide you on important components of technical file and also review your machine specific risk analysis as oer EN 12100.

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