Hot to get a CE mark for a MACHINERY

CE marking for machinery generally requires testing for a specific European Standard for that type of machinery. If a specific Harmonised standard also known as EN standard is not available, then testing as per  EN 60204 is done. It is advised to get the testing done by a ISO 17025 accredited Laboratory. The Directive applicable for CE Certification  for Machines -s  Directive 2006/42/EC

Machinery manufacturers mentioned in No. 2006/42 European Directive.

The certification of certain categories of machinery listed in Annex IV of that Directive (such as woodworking machinery / meat presses / metal brakes, vehicle lifts, waste collection bins, garbage trucks, plastic molding machines, etc.) is required from an accredited institution with the examination procedure or the full quality assurance procedure.

What is CE  certification ?

CE, which means “Conformite Européenne,” is a label that must appear in all pressure equipment sold in the Member States of the European Union (EU). The signal can be regarded as a “passport” that allows manufacturers worldwide to transport and sell their products freely within the internal market of the European Union.
Characterization CE inform millions of European consumers that the manufacturer has been manufacturing products in accordance with European regulations on health, safety and the environment.

Before placing machinery on the market and / or put into service, the manufacturer or his authorized representative:

ensure that it satisfies the relevant essential health and safety requirements set out in Annex I (2006/42/EC)
ensures that the technical documentation referred to in Section A of Annex VII are available (2006/42/EC)
provides, in particular, the necessary information, such as instructions;
apply the appropriate conformity assessment procedures in accordance with Article 12 (2006/42/EC)
draws up the EC declaration of conformity in accordance with Annex II, Part 1, Section A and ensure that it accompanies the machinery (2006/42/EC)
affix the “CE” marking in accordance with Article 16 (2006/42/EC).

For the case of machinery listed in Annex IV follows the examination procedure or the full quality assurance procedure.

In the case of the type examination procedure, the notified body shall act in accordance with Annex IX of the Directive.
In the case of the full quality assurance, the notified body shall assess / monitor the quality system in accordance with Annex X of the Directive.

Aims & the Benefits

Single framework of rules within the EU
Safety and protection of people who use machines
Elimination of barriers to the free movement of trade due to variations in National Legislations
Equipment to comply with essential safety requirements depending on the type of equipment

Why become certified with EUROCERT S A ;

The EUROCERT S A  is Greek Independent Certification Body, which has highly trained inspectors and scientists with experience in operating founded by scientists with extensive experience in audits and inspections, with offices in 14 countries in Europe and Asia.

Validity: The Eurocert  S A  is notified body to the European Union No. 1128 for the CE marking of pressure equipment and accredited by the National Accreditation Council (ESYD) with no faith. 53-3.

Similarly, it must be appreciated from the Greek market that the EUROCERT is completely (100%) Greek company with operations over 10 years in the engine certification.