ISO 50001

Standard ISO 50001:2011 concerns all companies aiming at reducing their energy consumption and improving their energy efficiency. Emphasis must be given to heavy industries that may have intense energy consumption or are involved in the European Trading Scheme according to 2003/87/EC. The standard, however, also applies to any other public or private organization that implements energy saving procedures and aims to improve energy efficiency of its buildings and its total operation.
Taking into consideration the above, Energy Management Systems can be implemented by all companies regardless of their activity and especially by those already certified with ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001.
According to EU Guidelines, all member states should commit to an annual reduction of their energy consumption.
Under this framework, ISO has issued the ISO 50001:2011, an energy management standard, according to which an initial energy review takes place, energy aspects are identified and energy saving action plans are implemented aiming at improving the energy footprint. The Plan-Do-Check-Act principle also applies to this standard. Furthermore, the ISO 50001:2011 structure is similar to that of ISO 14001:2004, so that it can be easily integrated with Environmental Management or Quality Management Systems.
  • Energy cost saving
  • Reduction of operation and production cost
  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Improvement of carbon & energy footprint
  • Improvement of Energy Efficiency by adopting Best Available Techniques
  • Compliance with legal requirements
  • Improvement of corporate image (green company)
  • Increase of energy awareness among personnel
EUROCERT S A is a Greek Independent Certification Body accredited by Greek and International Accreditation Bodies with offices and activity in Greece and abroad.
EUROCERT S A possesses highly-trained and educated auditors with great expertise, knowledge of local and global environmental legislation and experience in their field.
In particular, EUROCERT S A  has earned recognition in the field of environmental management system certification by conducting audits and awarding certificates globally according to ISO 14001, EMAS Regulation and Verification of Greenhouse Gas Emissions for many years. EUROCERT S A is one of the first certification bodies in Greece having gained accreditation by ESYD to certify energy management systems according to ISO 50001:2011. Certification with EUROCERT S A means evaluation and acceptance by an accredited, well-known and well-respected third-party organization.
Why certify?
ISO 50001:2011 helps improve the energy performance of a company and enhance its reputation in the market. Furthermore, reduction in energy consumption is likely to become a regulatory requirement in the near future, if not already compulsory.
Does ISO 50001:2011 apply only to buildings?
No, it does not apply only to buildings. Energy balance will be conducted to all points of energy usage so that significant energy aspects are identified, energy consumption is measured and energy objectives are set. Naturally, this energy review includes company buildings.
What is an energy baseline?
An energy baseline is a quantitative reference providing a basis for comparison of energy performance. It is determined during the energy review and reflects a specific time period. It may be normalised using variables affecting energy use or consumption and is used for calculating real energy cost savings after the implementation of energy action plans as well as to compare energy consumption trends over the years.


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