How to get a PED Certificate for my pressure Equipment?

To get a PED certificate, we have to apply to a Notified Body approved for PED. Eurocert is one such Notified Body. We also have to decide a module for certification. Many module are available for PED certification

Do I need a PED certificate for my equipment?

No, All products do not require PED certification. Only those products that have a internal design pressure greater than 1.5 bar require PED certification.

What are the Steps for getting a PED certificate?

Following are the steps to get PED certificate. These steps can be followed once you have classified your product and decided the module.

1: DO the Design calculation and get a reviewer to review it.

2: Qualify your welders and WPS from the Notified Body

3: Fabricate and record all important steps – This step can involve Notified Body inspector to witness

4: Conduct a Hydrotest in the presence of Notified Body inspector

5: send all documents to Notified Body for getting CE certificate

STEP6: Label the product as CE compliant.

How we can identify PED Certification Modules?

How to Identify PED certification Modules applicable

What are the Modules Available for PED certification? How do I decide the modules?

Modules are routes for achieving PED certification. The decision is taken by the manufacturer. Depending on the Category module can be choosen

Modules for PED certification
Modules( Certification Path) for PED certification

What is the cost of getting a PED certificate in India ?

The cost of getting a PED certificate is variable. It depends on the following factors:

  • Manufacturer competence
  • Design complexity
  • Amount of welding /Welders involved
  • Type of material
  • Hazard categorization

PED certification Cost heads:

WPS and WPQR approval


Design Review and Issue of Type Examination certificate ( this is variable)

Where I can get the PED Directive?

You can get the PED directive full test from the given link

PED Directive

What is Covered in Designing for PED Certification?

1 Design of PED Equipment- Your Equipment should be properly designed to withstand pressure as per intended use and for reasonably foreseeable operating conditons.

Typically you should consider the following

  • internal/external pressure
  • ambient and operational temperatures
  • static pressure and mass of contents in operating and test conditions
  • traffic, wind, earthquake loading
  • reaction forces and moments which result from the supports, attachments, piping, etc.
  • corrosion and erosion, fatigue, etc.
  • decomposition of unstable fluids

What information should be placed on a PED certified Equipment?

The mandatory information for all PED certified equipment is

  1. year of Manufacturing
  2. essential maximum/minimum allowable limits
  3. series or batch identification and serial number

There are other information which are to be put on each PED certified product as per applicability

-Volume in Litres
-Nominal size for piping ( DN)
-the test pressure PT applied in bar and date
-safety device set pressure in bar
-output of the pressure equipment in kW
-supply voltage in V (volts)
-intended use
-Filling Ratio Kg/L
-maximum filling mass in kg
-Tare Mass in Kg
-the fluid group
-warnings fixed to the pressure equipment drawing attention to misuse

How do I make Operating instruction manual after PED certification for my equipment?

The Operating instruction manual is a important part of PED certification and your equipment. The planning for making the operating instruction manual should start early during the design and risk analysis phase .

Following are important aspects to be covered in the Operating Instruction Manual

  • general Assembly Drawing
  • Installation Instructions
  • Repair and Service Instructions
  • Alarms and Safety Points
  • Operation Instructions
  • Warnings
  • Misuses to be avoid
  • Regular Inspection Instructions

My Buyer is asking for PED Certificate and LVD certificate. Which one should I get First?

This situation is very commonly faced by exporters of PED equipment. Since Low voltage is easier and also little bit separated from PED, it is advisable to get the LVD compliance done earlier and then focus on PED certification which is more complex and costly.

A similar situation comes with PED and Machinery Directive certification is requested. It is important to first comply with relevant machinery directive standard at the design stage only.

My Buyer is asking for CE certification and ATEX certification for my Pressure equipment. How should we do plan to get both the certification?

Atex certification is very complex and time taking certification so it should be processed first. The project may be divided into Type approval of ATEX and PED certification . These two projects can be taken together to avoid any design changes at the later stages.