The CE marking of pressure equipment  as per 2014/68/EU is  mandatory for placing products on the European market. All equipment having a operating pressure of more than 0.5 Bar are a possible candidate for getting a PED certification.  These equipment are also called as Pressure Equipment, thus the name pressure Equipment certification.

Examples of Pressure Equipment are
    -Steam Boilers
    -Fire Extinguisher

Why is it necessary to have PED certification for your pressure equipment?

Compliance to the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) is mandatory as a legal requirement for all manufacturers of Pressure equipment who wish to export to EU.

The PED certification is based on compliance to Essential Safety Requirements (ESRs) as determined by the PED directive 2014/68/EU.

These requirements govern design, manufacturing, inspection and testing of pressure equipment.

 PED affects most equipment that are designed for pressures above 0.5 bar

What are the Steps to get a PED CERTIFICATION?


What does a manufacturer has to do in order to comply with ESR of PED?

It is not easy to enlist all that is required to comply with the Essential Safety Requirement of PED 2014/68/EU. But at least the following should be done by a manufacturer

  • Ensure Design is as per applicable Harmonised Standard
  • Ensure Welders are Qualified
  • Ensure qualified WPS are used
  • Ensure Material are as per applicable Harmonised Standard
  • Ensure Quality Management system is compliant with ISO 9001
  • Can I apply CE certification after getting a PED certificate?

    Yes, you can apply CE certificate on your pressure equipment once you have got a PED certificate from any Notified Body. However you have to be sure that all applicable Directives on your products are also complied with before you apply CE certificate.