How much does it cost to get a SA 8000 certification?

Before we explain how much does a SA 8000 certification cost , we have to tell you that there is not a easy answer. The SA 8000 audit cost can be divided into three parts –

  1. Audit and certification cost – this is easy it costs around USD 350- 1000 per man day depending on the country you are in. And The number of manday ranges from 5-20 depeending on the number of personnel employed by a company. This gives you a brief idea about the certification cost. For more information you can call us

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2) Management  cost – this is some times missed and this is the effort of  building a managment system and monitoring it . this innvolves explict cost that is paid to the consultant or implicit cost – in terms of your own managment time and time for training . it is good idea to look at performance indicator annexure published by SAI to see where to start

3) Welfare Investment : This is the most important and often overlooked part of the SA 8000 certification cost  – This is regular monthly welfare investment and has to be viewed as a investment by the company. This Investment is what the top managment of the company has to foresee and commit if a company is looking to get SA 8000 certification