Is SA 8000 certification possible in Surat ?

SA 8000 certification is quite popular in India. But it is a difficult certification to achieve and maintain. One of the primary requirement is understanding and commitment top managment for the elements of SA 8000 standard. If these conditions are met by any top managment then SA 8000 certification in Surat is possible

What is SA 8000?

SMETA Audit Requirement
Social audits perspective of PDCA

Before we explain how to get SA 8000 certificate, we have to know about SAI  and SAAS. SAI is Social Accountability International and this is the organization that has published SA 8000 standard and is reviewing and updating the tools and techniques associated with SA 8000. SAI  is a non-profit organization and  SAI’s mission is to advance human rights in workplaces globally. The SA 8000 standard is based on Management system  and thus the PDCA approach is applicbale to this standard.

Sedex Contact Number for Eurocert

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    How Much does a SA 8000 Certificate Costs
    This is the first thing that comes to the management of any factory. Refer to ALL aspects of SA 8000 certification costs here.

    Industry Type In India
    India has all types of Industries and SA 8000 certification are more focussed in the following industries
    Textile and Apparels
    Fresh fruits
    Some Service Sectors


    Alternatives to SA 8000 certification
    Sedex Audit and reporting is the next best thing to get If you think your factory is not ready for SA 8000 certification
    Get more information about Sedex Audit in India

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