What is SMETA Audit? Why is my buyer asking for a Sedex/SMETA Audit?

Sedex Audits are Ethical Trade audits. These audits are also known as SMETA audits.
Your buyer is asking for it because brands in developed world are concerned about their reputation and they do not want bad name to come because of some practices in their supply chain

Will I get a Sedex Certificate after the Sedex Audit?

No  you will not get a certificate after a sedex audit . Sedex audit results in a audit report which is then uploaded on the sedex platform

What is the difference between a Sedex Audit and SMETA Audit?

There is no difference. They are the same thing.

Can I use Sedex Logo on my products after the SMETA Audit?

No, You cannot use Sedex log on your product because sedex is not a product certification. It is audit and results in a Audit report?

Why does a SMETA Audit check legal conformance?

Although it is a government job and it it expected that business will comply with all the laws. This is not true in developed as well as under developed countries. One reason is “Lack of awareness about laws” and second reason is governments all over the world ar making lot of laws but do not have personnel for monitoring of these laws.

Who does a Sedex Audit ?

Sedex approves agencies and who empannel APSCA approved auditors , who then conduct Sedex audits.

How can I get in touch with a  Sedex Approved Auditor ?

CONTACT US – NOW  +91-9316012883  OR
write to us at  info@eurocert.in

How much time does it takes to get the Sedex/SMETA  audit done?

A SMETA  audit can be planned – executed and uploaded within 7-10 days. You have to ensure that you prepared for it

What preparations do I need before  the Sedex audit is done?

It is ideal to read the ETI base code and go through the Self assessment Questionnaire that you will have in your account

Where can I find and Fill the Self assessment Questionnaire?

Once you have registered your company in Sedex, You have to add a Site  and then for that Site you can access the Self assessment questionnaire

How do I fill the Self Assessment Questionnaire?

It is not difficult but it can be time consuming – It is appropriate that Senior Managment

Can I have a Sedex audit  checklist ?

You can develop  your own Sedex audit Checklist. It should ideally start with a legal checcklist and then you can add questions from SAQ  to strengthen it.

Who should do internal audit in my Factory/Farm/Office?

It is a good idea to invole a mixed team of manager and workers to conduct internal audits on a regular basis to get the best results.

What are the Steps Involved in a Sedex Audit for a new company

Steps for Sedex Audit

What does a Two Pillar Sedex Audit Cover?  

Two-Pillars Covers:
1. Labour Standards
2. Health & Safety
3. Additional Elements:
4. Management Systems
5. Entitlement to Work
6. Subcontracting and Homeworking
7. Environment (shortened)

What does a Four Pillar Sedex Audit covers additionally?

1.Environment (extended) – this replaces the Environment (shortened version)
2. Business Ethics

What will happen on the day of the Sedex audit?

As a Producer going to Face a Sedex /SMETA audit for the first Time- This is what you can expect on the day of Audit 

Is Sedex Audit a type of  Sustainability certfication?

Sedex is not a certification. SMETA audits result in a audit report and not in a certificate. Though it covers sustaininability aspects in its audit, You cannot use a Sedex Logo on your product. So it is not a sustainability certification.

What is Eurocert’s Quality Assurance in Sedex Audits?

• Calibration meetings for Auditors
• Independent Sedex audit Report review before uploading
• Duplicate Evening visits to random factories
• Business Ethics agreements and Refresher courses

How Much does a Sedex audit costs?


Membership Enrolment with APSCA.

Eurocert S A has now been given provisional membership by APSCA.  APSCA approved member firms and CSCA are trusted professionals of the social compliance industry. As a provisional and committed member of APSCA,  we are committed to enhance the cause of APSCA – To increase the value and effectiveness of independent social compliance audits by enhancing the professionalism, consistency and credibility of individuals and organizations performing them.This is why, Eurocert is a preffered choice for  doing  social auditing with highly ethical and professional auditors in Asia and Europe

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