What is a SMETA Audit?

A sedex audit focuses on labour welfare and is used as a supply chain risk monitoring tool.How can I get a Sedex Certificate?

There is nothing like a Sedex Certificate. It only results in SMETA audit report which is uploaded in sedex platformWhy is my Buyer asking for Sedex/SMETA Audit?

A SMETA audit report is a good tool for analyzing supply chain risks. Since Supply chian are becoming more distributed and shorter. He want to know more about your factory risks.How much does a Sedex audit costs?

There are four major cost heads
1- Sedex platform fee
2- Audit fee
3- Factory improvement costs
4-HR Awareness and Training costs
3- Sedex Audit Cost Can I use sedex logo after the audit?

No, You cannot use Sedex logo on your product or stationery
For more information on Sedex use of Logo please visit here How many days does it take to get a SMETA audit done?

Typically it takes around just 7 -10 days to get the audit done and to publish the report. But It may take around 30-40 days to prepare your factory before you can get the auditor to come.How can i develop a SMETA audit checklist?

A self assessment questionnaire is available in Sedex platform . this can become a good checklist. If you want to start building your own you can start with this raw sedex checklist and then improve it yourself

I am new to Sedex /SMETA . What steps shall I follow ?

Steps for Sedex Audit