What you can Expect in a Sedex Audit

As a manufacturer going to face a Full initial Sedex/SMETA 2 Pillar audit ca, you can expect the following:- This list is not comprehensive – But this is broadly what you can expect

  • Auditor Will  conduct a opening Meeting
  • Auditor will interview the management
  • Auditor will interview workers
  • Auditor will Review worker contracts
  • Auditor expects all Legal compliance and permissions
  • Auditor will review payroll and wage records
  • Auditor expects a Health and safety Risk assessment – and action taken to reduce risks
  • Auditor will take a factory tour – his basic focus would be health and safety of workers

Sedex Audit preparation

The Self Assessment provided by the Sedex is a great point to start with your Sededx Audit preparation  – Also this Sedex Audit checklist- Nonexhaustive can be a good reference point to start your SMETA audit preparation.

Please note that This is not a exhaustive checklist – This is not what limits a SMETA auditor- He may ask other documents .