Carbon Foot Print Assessment ISO 14064

Carbon Foot Print assessment  is now a concern for all stakeholders involved in the issue of climate change. It is fundamental for managing greenhouse gases.
Green Hous Gases are mainly CO2, methane, nitrous oxide and ozone.
It is required by companies that are involved in GHG emissions trading according 2003/87/EC or in national emission reduction projects.
But more and more other companies who have a socially responsible goal
Third-party verification is necessary to establish the credibility of the reported reductions.
In particular, Carbon foot print assessment refers mostly to cement factories, pulp and paper producing installations, ceramic product factories, lime production installations, mineral oil refineries and also activities that include combustion emissions or airline companies, but the list of related sectors is expanding. However, ISO 14064, a voluntary standard may be applied for all companies.


The basic benefits of carbon footprint  Verification  are the following:

• Achieve and demonstrate legal compliance in areas of the world where verification is a legal requirement
• Allow for the company to participate in emission trading schemes
• Identify operational carbon footprint and opportunities for reduction
• Identify opportunities for energy consumption and optimisation of energy efficiency
• Present credible disclosure to stakeholders and investors
• Increase of energy and environmental awareness among personnel
• Demonstrate management commitment
• Improvement of corporate image


Eurocert is a Greek Independent Certification Body accredited by Greek and International Accreditation Bodies with offices in more than 14 countries in Europe and Asia. Eurocert possesses highly-trained and educated auditors with great expertise and experience in their field. In particular, Eurocert has earned recognition by conducting Verification of Greenhouse Gas Emissions data for well-known companies for many years.
Verification by Eurocert means evaluation and acceptance by an accredited and well-respected third-party professional organization.