What is ISO 27001 certificate?

ISO 27001 ensures that a certified organization’s information security is under explicit management control. The  standard is based on «Plan-Do-Check-Act». It can be implemented by all types of organizations irrespective of their size and activity.


By implementing ISO 27001, organizations can identify risks and put controls in place to manage or reduce them. It is helpful in gaining customer trust. Customer feel safe about protection of their data.Finally ,it helps demonstrate to the public the organization’s continuous commitment to excellence.

The third party inspection process by Certification body is required to get ISO 27001 certificate. It is a necessary step for certification. It helps to find further gaps that may have been missed.

STEPS for getting ISO 27001 Certificate

Steps for implementing ISO 27001

How to Implement ISMS in your organization?

Following is a generic process for implementing a ISO 27001 based ISMS in your organization:

STEP 1:Build a team responsible for ISMS. It should be from all relevant departments.

STEP 2: Identify all assets. Assign a valus to each asset – The value to asset can be acquisition value or loss value. Identify owner of each asset. Assets can be of many kinds such as

  • Information Assets
  • Hardware Assets
  • People Assets
  • Building Assets
  • Software Assets

STEP 3 : identify and finalize a risk analysis technique. Train your ISMS team in this risk analysis technique.

STEP4: Conduct a risk analysis and evaluate risks to all assets

STEP 5: Select controls and apply them

STEP6 : conduct Internal Audit

STEP 7 Conduct managment review

Continual improvement of ISMS
PDCA concept in ISMS



ISO 27001 Certification is provided by Eurocert. Eurocert is a Certification Body accredited by ESYD. ESYD is a european accreditation board.

Eurocert  provides a competent ISO 27001 auditors and performs a pre-assessment of the Information security management system.

During the pre-assessment inspection, Eurocert checks the completeness of system documentation (manual, procedures, instructions, forms, etc.) and implementation (Archives) under the International Standard ISO 27001.

Gaps are identified by audit team. The company then defines the appropriate period of time within which the necessary corrective actions will take place.

After corrective actions is taken, the certification audit takes place. In this audit, whole system is audited. Effectiveness of all corrective actions is checked.

If the Assessment inspection does not record any non-compliances to the ISO 27001 standard then Eurocert issues the ISO 27001 Certification.

In the case of recorded non-compliances the Company must take further corrective actions.

ISO has published three standards for Information Security

  1. ISO 27000 : ISMS- Vocabulary
  2. Certifiction standard ISO 27001: Minimum Requirements for ISMS
  3. ISO 27002: Code of Practice for Information security Controls
  4. New code of practice for ISMS for cloud services ISO 27017
  5. ISO 27010: Intersector and inter organization communication
  6. Preventing and detetcting cyber attacks ISO 27039
  7. ISO 27013: Integrated solution for services
  8. Code of Practice for telecommunication organizations ISO 27011
  9. ISO 27019 – IS controls for Energy Utility Industry
  10. Governance of Information Security ISO 27014
  11. ISO 27018: Code of Practice for PII in public clouds



In a certification audit, Auditor will atleast check the following:

  • License of the Company and the accompanying documents
  • Other permits required
  • Organizational Structure / Chart
  • Objectives
  • Procedures
  • Instructions for External Documents (eg Legislation)


After a successful certification audit, ISO 27001 certificate is issued. The ISO 27001 certificate is valid for three years. During this time two annual surveillance audits must take place.

How much time does it take to get ISMS certificate?

It can take anywhere between 30 days to 6 months to implement ISO 27001. The most important factor is the competence and training of the IS team.

Why iso 27001 certification is important?

  1. It helps in improving overall information security and availability of the systems on the organization
  2. The organization is able to get more contracts from its customers
  3. The organization has a external aspects to continuously monitor and force improvement in their ISMS
  4. Their is more sensitivity towards the small information security incidents which may get un notices without a ISMS
  5. More awareness of staff
  6. A stronger system for employee due diligence
  7. A system to ensure business continuity
  8. All assets are traced and organized and mapped to their owners
  9. Risk of asset is reviewed on a ongoing basis
  10. Division of responsibility for key tasks


What is the cost of getting ISO 27001 certificate?

There are Four type of cost heads in getting ISO 27001 certificate:

Training cost
Acquiring and Implementing Controls
Monitoring costs
Certification costs

Cost of ISMS certification based on ISO 27001
Overall Cost of getting a ISO 27001 certificate

What are the Information security controls available for us to choose from?

Information security controls are actions that we can take to increase security of our asset. IS controls can be choosen from the lists in ISO 27002 standard.

Information Security Policy:

IS policies may document based control. It is still very important. Well documented information security policies give direction to management for taking decisions. It also establishes expectations from employees. All IS policies should be reviewed for adequacy, clarity and appropriateness.

Organization for Information security:

This has 5 controls related to organization:

  1. Defining IS Roles and responsibilities
  2. Segregation of duties for reducing misue of organization assets of high value
  3. Defined person who will contact the authorities
  4. Defined person who will contact special interest groups
  5. Defining Information security objectives and controls in project management
Mobile Devices and teleworking:
Human Resource Security
Asset Managment:
It further has three controls
  • Asset list and ownership
  • Information classification
  • Media Handling ( especially removable media)
A example of Asset register for ISO 27001
A example of Asset register for ISO 27001

Other controls included in ISO 27002 are

  • Access Control (physical and logical)
  • Cyrptography
  • Operations Security
  • Security in Communications
  • System acquisition, development and maintenance
  • Supplier relationships
  • IS incident management
  • IS aspects for Business continuity
  • Compliance

Shall We use all controls listed in ISO 27002?

No, It is not necessary to use all controls listed in ISO 27002. The list of controls in ISO 27002 is very big. Not all controls may be useful for the organization. Every organization is unique and has unique threats and knowledge. Sometimes it is better to choose simple controls rather than complex controls.

What is Statement of applicablility?

The statement of applicability is the list of selected and applied controls. It is again unique for each organization. SOA is a dynamic document. It has to be updated regularly.

What are the Special Interest groups?

Special interest groups are people or organization which are important for any organization. They are important for ISMS of the organization. they focus on specific issues related to information security. They generally provide free information on concerned topic. This list will be different for different organization. Some good and common agencies for ISO 27001 implmentation are

How to become a ISO 27001 Lead Auditor?

If you want to become a lead Auditor for ISO 27001, you need to have the following

  1. Get atleast 4 years of experience in Information security related field
  2. First Get a Internal Auditor certificate for ISO 27001
  3. Then apply for Lead auditor course
  4. Get some exposure of ISMS audits as a observer
  5. Apply with 3rd party certification body such as Eurocert