CE Mark Certification

CE mark certification for Cranes

I am making Cranes what standards shall I Apply to get CE marking?

while there are very specific standards for Cranes, the most common and relevant standards are

  • EN 16851:2017 Cranes – Light crane systems
  • EN 12077-2 for Cranes safety – Requirements for health and safety – Part 2:
    Limiting and indicating
  • Be Sure to look for the latest standard

    You can always ask us more about CE marking for Cranes at


    Is there a specific requirement for Marking labelling and Instructons for use before I apply CE marking on my Cranes ?
    Yes , There is a specific requirment of labelling to be provided in Cranes. Be sure to only use approved type of material in your Cranes.

    where shall I get my product Tested before I place CE marking on my Cranes ?
    We at Eurocert are working and training our ISO 17025 accredited labs on CE marking requirements on a On Going basis. Our approved labs are doing High Quality Testing and issueing Reports within a short Turn around Time which is less than a couple of week time .

    What do In include in My Technical File ? Who can help me build a Technical File?
    Eurocert – has a strong base of technically qualified Specialist- who work with you to guide you on important components of technical file and also review your machine specific risk analysis as oer EN 12100.

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